Whether it is a working or living spaces, a good working flow is important.  We don't realize some agitations might be due to a never-ending cluttered corner or room.  When we are subject to the same clutter every day it could weigh us down and give a feel of chaos. 

Indigo Sun Girl chooses to provide certain services because creating comfortable spaces for living or working a space for many hours of our daily life is important to longevity and removes exasperation from a persons lifestyle.

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Moving from a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home into a 3 bedroom 1 bath basement suite was not easy.  Indigo Sun Girl did an amazing breakdown of our personal items and created a space that we could move around in 
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Surrey, BC

Indigo Sun Girl

Indigo Sun Girl provides professional personal assistance and home services. If timelines are approaching and you need an extra pair of last minute hands to get the job complete, let Indigo Sun Girl shine on your projects! 

About Indigo Sun Girl

Indigo Sun Girl was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Her administrative and creative career choices has given her the opportunity to meet many types of people.  This lead her to understand that no matter how successful you are or how much you do or do not have, has no impact on how a person functions in their routines, space organization or ability to keep a clutter free space and a clutter free mind.

Indigo Sun Girl is in the Interior Design Certificate Program at BCIT.  She wants to use her Interior Design to contribute to community.  This means, refurbishing furniture or old buildings for practical, meaningful uses for the future.  This means, recycling and recognizing materials' lifecycle and impact on the environment.  This means creating less garbage and more responsible design options.